• Company founded

  • Established R&D facilities in Akron, Ohio.

  • Completed working prototype/proof of concept.

  • Achieved national recognition through ARPA-E, DOE, and the Clean Energy Trust.

  • Performed preliminary Voice of Customer (VOC).

  • Licensed IP from the University of Akron & Filed new IP internationally.

  • DFT Wins Clean Energy Trust Student Challenge

  • Received Ohio Third Frontier Funding

  • DFT files patent for Cognicell

  • Benchtop prototypes completed

  • Technical R&D team formed

  • Team raises fund from the GLIDE Innovation fund


  • EV and microgrid demo and prototypes at 30kW.

  • Pre-seed funding raised & R&D team expanded.

  • Established major OEM partnerships.

  • CleanTech Open Accelerator Acceptance, Forbes 30 Under 30 (Energy), and Pioneers Festival/Popular Science Recognition.

  • Customer discovery and case studies completed


  • DFT moves into the Akron Global Business Accelerator

  • Wins Clean Energy Challenge Female founder Prize


  • Patent Issued

  • Off-grid pilot project started

  • Early adopter customer secured

  • Participating in Clean Tech Open Program (Midwest Finalists) and M[SPIRE] Grant awardees


  • Off-grid pilot project completed

  • Initial product offered in the off grid market

  • Partner and future customer discovery

  • Major OEM partner secured


  • Development of grid interfacing products


  • Series A funding to support pilot projects.

  • Deliver products to OEMs with industrial-scale production and go-to-market capabilities.

  • Collaborate with OEMs and others in the undustry to deliver packed solutions.