Goodbye power inverters, hello
software-defined power!

Introducing a smarter way to install, manage and use stored energy.

Cognicell Features:

Maintenance, monitoring, & shut down


Charge control, discharge control, & fault isolation through our


Cell-level control & safety through our


 By eliminating the need for power inverters, Cognicell lowers installation and maintenance costs, reduces weight/footprint, and improves system efficiency in energy storage installations. Designed for OEMs and system integrators, Cognicell is a drop-in replacement for traditional battery management systems.

Simply put — it’s a smarter way to install, maintain and manage stored energy.

Cognicell Markets

Portable Equipment

Backup Power

Electrical Vehicles

Grid Storage


Market Realizations

Lowers Your Installation, Component & Maintenance Costs by 50%

40% More System-Level Efficiency

100% Uptime

30% More Batttery-Life