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A smarter smaller cleaner way to install, manage and maintain stored energy.

Remote, Software, Hardware


  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Shutdown


  • Charge Control
  • Discharge Control
  • Fault Isolation


  • Cell-level Control
  • Cell-level Safety

A four (4) technology-innovation ensemble: This software defined innovation significantly lowers costs, enhances safety, and minimizes maintenance of energy storage systems for OEMS. Specifically, it’s a versatile power management system implemented through software control algorithms combined with unobtrusive cell-level hardware, overseen by a custom real time operating system. Simply put — it’s a smarter, smaller, safer way to install, maintain and manage stored energy.

Cognicell Markets


  • -50%

    Installation & Maintenance Costs

  • +40%


  • 100%


  • +30%


Cognicell™ makes traditional power management components obsolete by eliminating the need for transformers, large, lossy switches and more.

Cognicell adapts with the ever-changing grid and energy storage markets through software re-programming. This means Cognicell can be used with any battery chemistry, capacity, and quantity.

Cognicell is web-connected, so battery maintenance can be done remotely. Remote maintenance can be as simple as data-monitoring, or be as involved as isolating and mitigating a single-cell failure.

About DFT

strategy + progress + leadership

Design Flux Technologies, LLC is a spin-out company from the University of Akron, and was co-founded by two Electrical Engineering students in 2011. Frustrated with the complexity and discontinuity in energy storage systems, these two students surrounded themselves with a team of experienced business advisors, engineering professors, and other colleagues to formulate a new paradigm in power management. The result of these efforts was the conceptualization of Cognicell: the first software-defined solution to the complex power management ecosystem.

  • 2012 to 2013
  • Established R&D and testing facilities
  • Completed working prototype/proof of concept
  • Achieved CET, DOE and ARPA-E recognition
  • Performed preliminary Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • Obtained JSCER affiliate membership status
  • 2014
  • Co-locate micro-grid and grid-storage demo site with Great Lakes Energy Institute campus network and wind turbines.
  • Introduce next generation prototypes and evaluation units
  • Sign major OEM as go-to-market partner
  • Secure technology commercialization funding
  • Always
  • Deliver products to OEMs with industrial-scale production and go-to-market capabilities
  • Collaborate with battery manufacturers and others in the industry and deliver packed solutions


Kent Kristensen

Kent Kristensen

Chairman / CEO

He has 30 years of corporate business development, sales & marketing, operations and advanced manufacturing executive leadership experience with a variety of companies around the world. Kent has experience with start-ups, VC, M&A and IPO exits.

Kent Kristensen

Courtney Gras

President / COO

She has experience with the defense and aerospace industries including project lifecycle and mission management. Courtney is proficient in organizing agile product development and SCRUM project management.

Kent Kristensen

Tom Vo

Chief Engineer / CTO

He is the primary inventor of DFT’s IP and has experience consulting for a variety of engineering firms ranging from high-tech startups to government organizations. Tom is proficient in leading product development with diverse teams of engineers in cross-cutting fields.

Kent Kristensen

Terence Baptiste Esq.

VP of Finance / CFO

He has experience serving as an accountant for T. Rowe Price Associates, and most recently as VP & Staff Counsel at SK Research. Terence is proficient in administering government grants and customer contracts.

We also work with an expanded team of contractors on an ad-hoc basis.